Injection of bulking agents

Injection of bulking agents may offer short-term relief but does not cure SUI. Bulking agents can consist of synthetic materials or bovine collagen. The substance is injected into the urethral wall to aid urethral closure. The effect wears off over time. There is a risk that the injection will lead to temporary problems emptying the bladder.

When should I consider a bulking agent injection?

Injection with bulking agents is not recommended if you want a permanent cure for SUI. It can be used if you cannot have other treatments or prefer to postpone surgery.

How are bulking agents injected?

For this procedure, drugs are usually given in the area to be treated (local anaesthesia).
  • The bladder is emptied. The surgeon will insert a catheter to make sure that your bladder is completely empty during surgery.
  • The bulking agent is injected. The surgeon uses an endoscope to guide a needle into the wall of the urethra. The surgeon injects the bulking agents on around the urethra.