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EAUN Guidelines

EAUN Guidelines

The EAUN represents approx. 2,500 nurses, all working in urological care. It is a lively, dynamic organisation with a focus on the importance of excellent urological nursing, especially for the patient.

We have included EAUN Guidelines on a variety of procedures that you may find helpful when consulting your patient.

Male External Catheters in Adults

Male external catheters in adults – Urinary catheter management

Authors: V. Geng, H. Cobussen-Boekhorst, H. Lurvink, I. Pearce, S. Vahr

PDF | 29-03-2016 | 1.33 MB | Download

Intravesical Instillation

Intravesical instillation with mitomycin C or bacillus Calmette-Guérin in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Authors: S. Vahr (Chair), W. De Blok, N. Love-Retinger, B. Thoft Jensen, B. Turner, G. Villa, J. Hrbácek

Available languages: English, Farsi, Italian

PDF | 29-03-2016 | 1.30 MB | Download

Urethral Intermittent in Adults

Catheterisation Urethral Intermittent in adults

Authors: S. Vahr (Chair), H. Cobussen-Boekhorst, J. Eikenboom, V. Geng, S. Holroyd, M. Lester, I. Pearce, C. Vandewinkel

Available languages: English, Farsi

PDF | 29-03-2016 | 3.38 MB | Download