Surgical Treatment for Women with SUI

Sling Implantation

Female Sling Implantation

Female Sling implantation is the standard surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence in women. Slings provide support to the pelvic floor muscles and help the urethra to better resist pressure from a full bladder. Slings are placed under the urethra to support it. There are various types, depending on:

  • Their material. Slings can be synthetic or made of human or animal tissue
  • Their shape. Slings can vary in length and width
  • The way they attach to tissue

Which type of sling is recommended for you depends on your individual situation and needs. It also depends on the availability of different types of slings in your hospital and your surgeon’s experience with them.

When should I consider a sling?

Sling implantation is the most commonly recommended option for the treatment of SUI. Slings improve SUI in 85 to 90% of cases. If the surgery is successful, the effect is generally long-lasting.

Your doctor can also recommend this surgery if you have mixed urinary incontinence. Because the surgery aims to treat only SUI symptoms, it may be less effective.

Show me in-depth information

Read more about female sling implantation, how to prepare, and what to expect after the procedure. This section shows illustrations of slings.