penis cancer

Angiographic occlusion

A procedure that uses a special substance and X-ray to collapse the twisted vein of the varicocele.


Shrinking from lack of development or use.

Complete duplication

Ureters are entirely separate throughout the course to the bladder.

Duplicated or duplex collecting system

Other names for ureteral duplication.

Ectopic ureter

A ureter that connects the kidney to a site other than the bladder.

Ectopic ureterocele

A pouch-like blockage that extends into the bladder opening or the urethra.

Endoscopic decompression

Surgical puncture of a ureterocele to decompress the pouch-like enlargement blocking the urinary flow.


Inflammation of the tube that stores and carries sperm.

Fallopian tubes

A female reproductive organ that allows eggs to travel from the ovaries to the uterus.


The ability to conceive children.


Collection of fluid in the scrotum around a testicle.

Lymphatic vessels

Tiny structures that carry lymph, a clear, yellowish liquid that collects in all parts of the body.

Lymphatic-sparing varicocelectomy

A type of surgery that protects nearby lymphatic vessels to lower chance of complications.

Orthotopic ureterocele

The pouch-like blockage is located completely inside the bladder.


The male organ for sex and urination.


Pus in the urine.


Male reproductive cells.

Testicular hypotrophy

Shrinking of the testicles.


Use of sound waves to create an image of the body’s inner workings.

Ureteral duplication

A kidney has two ureters connecting it to the bladder.


A pouch-like enlargement of the ureter at the end where it connects to the bladder.

Urinary obstruction

Blocking of the flow of urine.


Enlarged vein in the scrotum above a testicle.

Vesicoureteral reflux

Urine flows backward from the bladder into the ureter (toward the kidney).