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In March 2019, the newest edition of the EAU Patient Information Working Group was formed. This expert team of healthcare professionals was established to contribute to developing new patient information material, updating existing topics and exploring new ways to further develop the Patient Information initiative of the European Association of Urology (EAU). Click here to read more about the EAU.

Dr. Mark Behrendt (Chairman)

Dr. Nabil Atassi

Dr. Markus Eckstein

Dr. Francesco Esperto

Ms. Louisa Fleure

Dr. Markos Karavitakis

Dr. Laura Mateu Arrom

Dr.  Sarah Ottenhof

Dr. Giulio Patruno

Dr. Ricardo Pereira E Silva

Dr. Sergio Pereira

Dr. Selçuk Sarikaya

Dr. Marta Sochaj

Prof. Dr. Yiloren Tanidir

Ms. Bente Thoft Jensen

Dr. Sara Tolouee

Dr. Juan Luis Vásquez Mendoza