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36th Annual EAU Congress, 9-12 July 2021, Milan, Italy


Some might say there is a patient-physician disconnect when discussing urological care. Studies have shown there is often a gap between what the physician recommends, based on scientific evidence combined with experience, and what patients prefer in terms of outcome, side effects and maintaining a good quality of life1,2.

A patient’s personal values and opinions may not be compatible or taken into consideration with the recommended treatment. As a result, healthcare professionals (HCPs) may appear to be out of sync with health-related quality-of-life matters that a patient wants to discuss.

The patient-physician disconnect will be one of the themes at the annual EAU Congress in Milan 2021. The EAU offers patient advocates the opportunity to present their research into diagnostics, treatments and follow-ups that could cast a fresh light on health-related quality-of-life issues and addresses presumptions that exist regarding these issues.

Hein Van Poppel
EAU Adjunct Secretary General Education

The Patient Poster Track Milan 21

The EAU encourages patient advocates from across the globe to actively participate and contribute to the annual EAU Congress in Milan, by submitting a poster abstract. The Patient Poster Track provides educational opportunities for patient advocates and HCPs to improve communications and to encourage and promote collaboration, while changing perceptions on both sides.

This is your opportunity to bring into focus the patient perspective on treatments vs. health-related-quality-of-life issues.

Do you have compelling patient research insights in urology-related diagnostics, treatments or follow-ups? Your work deserves a wider audience.

Submit your research results to Europe’s biggest audience in urology at the 36th Annual EAU Congress (EAU21). EAU21 will take place in Milan from 9 to 12 July 2021. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge, to participate and to contribute to a meaningful dialogue with experts about what matters to you!

If your abstract is accepted, you will have the opportunity to present your work to the 14,000 medical specialists, HCPs and peers attending the congress.

  • The Expert-Guided Patient Poster Tour aims to encourage interaction between the presenter and the medical experts about patient perspectives. It provides educational opportunities for patients, patient advocates and HCPs, thereby intending to close the gap by improving communication and changing perceptions on both sides. This will ultimately lead to better treatment and adherence as well as better outcomes through shared decision-making.
  • The Top-5 Patient Poster presentation will take place during the EAU Patient Information session. In addition to receiving a prize for best poster, each presenter will also be given the opportunity to take the stage and present their study.
  • The poster presentation in the scientific programme brings together HCPs and patients in the best possible way. By bringing the patient perspective to the discussion, this forum can clearly showcase any disconnects in terms of what patients think and want as well as giving room for the views of clinicians. The aims are to find a good balance and a better understanding of expectations on both sides which ultimately benefit all.

Posters will be electronically accessible at a designated kiosk located adjacent to the EAU Patient Information Lounge.

Guidelines for submission of abstracts

  1. Authors must be patients living with a urological disease or patient advocates. Patient advocates require a proof of status
  2. Research focussed pharma interventions will not be considered
  3. English is the preferred language, however, abstracts in all languages will be considered
  4. The Presenter must be fluent in English
  5. The Presenter can be one of the authors or a patient advocate representing them
  6. The Presenter is provided with a full registration to attend the congress and to present his or her poster, along with travel support
  7. Submissions are to be made online through the EAU Abstract Submission system

Tips & tricks for submission of abstracts

Submit your abstract

Online abstract submissions are open until 1 February 2021. We kindly request you to provide your abstract in the English language.

ATTENTION – To submit your abstract, go to: Main Topic Non-Disease Specific, then choose subtopic Patients.

Other information

  1. Representatives from the EAU Patient Advocacy Group (EPAG) will act as the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is responsible for the selection of abstracts as well as the ranking of the Top-5 Posters.
  2. The Scientific Congress Office (SCO) is responsible for the selection of one-two abstracts to be integrated into the scientific programme e.g. a thematic or poster session.
  3. Authors who submit their poster abstract will be paired with one of the Advisory Board members, who will support her/him in further steps.


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  2. Canzona MR, Love D, Barrett R, et al. “Operating in the dark”: Nurses’ attempts to help patients and families manage the transition from oncology to comfort care. J Clin Nurs. 2018;27(21-22):4158-4167. doi:10.1111/jocn.14603

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