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Urinary Problems

Surgery or radiotherapy to the penis will cause swelling and inflammation, and this may affect the urethra or “water pipe” causing the urinary stream to spray. It may settle as the penis heals but can sometimes be permanent. Men who have had a total or radical penectomy will need to sit down on the toilet to pass urine.

Some men have suggested that while the penis heals, passing urine in a bath or shower rather than a toilet, may help reduce anxiety and be more practical. As healing takes place and you become more confident with any changes to your urinary stream you should be able to use a toilet normally.

Urinary spraying can be reduced by using a urinary funnel (see below).

Urinary Funnels

There are several types of urinary funnel. Most are designed for camping or attending concerts where toilet facilities may not be available.

Although it is unlikely that the hospital where you have been treated will be able to supply urinary funnels many devices can be obtained by searching the internet. There are also many funnels which are designed for other everyday uses which men have found helpful, for instance-urinary funnel, camping urinal, collapsible funnel, shrinkable urinals.

In the UK Beambridge Medical Ltd, produces a range of plastic funnels which are available on prescription. The male funnel, male funnel mini, flexi funnel, youth funnel and female funnel.

Other devices that are designed for women but may be helpful are the Whiz and Whiz freedom as well as the Shewee. These are also available on prescription within the UK.

Toilet Keys

In Europe and the UK, it is possible to obtain special keys such as a RADAR Key. These are keys which will open toilets that are not usually available to the public.  More information can be found here https://disabledaccessibletravel.com/european-toilet-keys/

Toilet Cards

Several charities and orginisations also produce Toilet Cards which may allow men access to toilets found in shops etc. Further information can be found here

Male Incontinence Pads

There are also different types of protective male incontinence pads which may help with mild urinary incontinence.