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The EAU Patient Information Working Group is most grateful for the reviewers’ time and diligence in providing complete and extensive reviews of EAU Patient information.

  • Reviewers who focussed on the accuracy of content were identified based on their expert knowledge within the urological field.
  • Reviewers who focussed on the use of lay language and level of understanding were identified based on their role within the healthcare team. The nurse-patient relationship enables nurses to spend more time, to connect, to interact with their patients as well as to understand their patient’s needs. Effective verbal and nonverbal communication is an important part of the nurse-patient interaction.
  • Edits in lay language deriving from the review will be incorporated in the course of 2018.
  • Whenever possible, feedback from lay reviewers has been sought.

EAU Patient Information reviewers 2018 (alphabetical listing)

Mrs H. Attard Bason, BScN, MScN, RN
Mater Dei Hospital, Birkirkara (MT)

Mr M.R. Baumgartner, RN, practical Instructor
Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich (DE)

Prof. Dr. med. F. Burkhard
Chefärztin Funktionelle Urologie, Neurourologie und Urologie der Frau
Urologische Universitätsklinik
Inselspital Bern, Switzerland

Prof. Dr T. Diemer
EAU Working Group on Male Infertility, Vice-Chairman
UKGM Universitätsklinikum Giessen (DE)

Mrs Julie Ellis-Jones
RN, RNT, MSc (Advanced Practice)
Senior Lecturer/Clinical Nurse Specialist
University of The West of England
Bristol (UK)

Ms F. Geese, MScN, RN – advanced practice nurse
Head of Quality Management & Nursing Expertise
Hospital x, Berne (CH)

Mr K.J. Holmes
Mater Dei Hospital Malta, Msida (MT)

Ms K.V. Isaksen, RN
Ålesund Hospital, Alesund (NO)

Prof. Dr. A. Jungwirth
EAU Working Group on Male Infertility, Chairman
Salzburg (AT)

Ms S.A. Ledlie – Writer/author and co-founder of global support group ‘Taxotears’ for women living with permanent alopecia from chemotherapy. Read more.

Ms K. Leonard, Urology Research Nurse
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge (UK)

Ms R.H. Martin, MSc, BSc (Hons), RN, NIP – Surgical Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Urology.
The Royal Marsden Hospital, London (UK)

Mr. A.K. Nambiar
Freeman Hospital
Dept. of Urology
Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Mr K. Ohlin, RN
St George’s Hospital, Tooting (UK)

Dr E.C. Serefoglu
EAU working Group on Male Sexual Dysfunction
Uroclinic, Istanbul (TR)

Dr M. Selcuk Silay
EAU Working Group on Paediatric Urology
Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul (TR)

Ms R. Willener, Clinical Nurse Specialist MScN
University Hospital Berne (CH)