Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Basic Information on Overactive Bladder Symptoms

This leaflet offers all essential information for patients about overactive bladder symptoms, their diagnosis and treatment. It also briefly covers quality of life measures and includes a basic glossary of medical terms.

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1. In-depth Information – Overactive Bladder Symptoms

This leaflet offers information about the bladder and overactive bladder symptoms.

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2. In-depth Information – Diagnosis of Overactive Bladder Symptoms

This leaflet offers detailed information about the diagnosis of overactive bladder symptoms. It describes the various tests used to determine the cause of these symptoms.

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3. In-depth Information – Self-management of Overactive Bladder Symptoms

This leaflet offers lifestyle advice and information on self-management of OAB.

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4. In-depth Information – Drug Treatment for OAB

This leaflet describes the different kinds of drugs which can relieve OAB. The results and side effects of each group of drugs are listed.

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5. In-depth Information – Second-line treatment for OAB

This leaflet gives detailed information on the different surgical treatment options for OAB. The advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option are listed and the leaflet includes drawn illustrations of some procedures.

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6. In-depth Information – Living with OAB

This leaflet describes the effect OAB can have on your social life, personal relationships and sex, and how you can cope with these effects.

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This leaflet explains all the medical terms which are used in the in-depth information leaflet on overactive bladder symptoms

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Bladder Diary

A bladder diary can give insight into urinary symptoms. Use this diary to record how much you drink and note down the number of toilet visits. You can also mention when you feel a strong urge to go, have any loss of urine, or if you use pads.

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