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Erectile dysfunction

What is it like living with erectile dysfunction?
Many men experience erection difficulties at some point in their lives. In many cases it is related to life circumstances, stressful situations, alcohol consumption, or being extremely tired. Usually, these temporary erection problems disappear once the trigger is resolved or changed. But if you experience erectile dysfunction for more than 6 months, it is a good idea to seek professional help.

Although the thought of speaking to a doctor may be daunting, it is important to find out if your problems are caused by an undiagnosed health problem, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart problems. Remember, erectile dysfunction is a very common condition and your doctor sees and treats many men who share this experience.

If you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, there are various treatment options including lifestyle changes, counselling, medications, self-injecting medicines, vacuum devices, and surgical implants that may effectively help you.

Many men with erectile dysfunction achieve successful results with a single or combination of treatments and have a happy and fulfilling sex life.

Personal relationships and sex
The effect of erectile dysfunction on a person’s confidence and their quality of life should not be underestimated. Everyone is different but leaving erectile dysfunction untreated can lead to further problems such as anxiety and depression, or the breakdown of relationships.

An intimate relationship between two people is complex and involves many aspects. You may have negative feelings about yourself, your sexual abilities, your sexuality, or your masculinity. These feelings in turn can affect the trust, intimacy and closeness you share with your partner, in both the personal and sexual aspects of your relationship.

It is important to talk to your partner as they may be questioning their sexual attraction if they think they can no longer sexually arouse you, leading them to feel vulnerable, rejected, or even worry you may be seeking sex with someone else.

Erectile dysfunction not only affects the sex life of men in committed relationships. Single men with erection problems often avoid dating because of the condition, so it can be very isolating.