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What is it like living with nocturia?

Experiencing the need to urinate during the night can have a big impact on your life, including your self-confidence and your relationships, as well as your sex life. It can be hard to feel confident when you don’t feel like you have control over your body, and if you’re not getting enough sleep.

If your nocturia is affecting the quality of your life, it is important to talk to a doctor about it. You should not feel embarrassed about your symptoms as doctors help many people with nocturia. Seeing your doctor is the first step in regaining control over your nocturia. Your doctor will review your symptoms and give advice on the lifestyle changes you can make and things you can do to help ease the symptoms. They will also be able to suggest treatments that may help.

Nocturia symptoms can be managed, so, you don’t have to let it impact your life. Talk to your doctor today.