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The medical history is the cornerstone of evaluation. The answers will help determine diagnosis and treatment options. Your doctor will ask you about past and present symptoms and illnesses. Your doctor also might want to know all medications you are taking regularly. The questions may address urinary and bowel symptoms as well as sexual function. Patients with nerve-related (neurourological) symptoms may also have bowel and sexual problems.

You can help your doctor by preparing for the consultation:

  • Describe your current symptoms and note how long you have had them for
  • Describe the duration and quality of your sleep over the past weeks
  • Describe your lifestyle: what, when and how much you drink, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
    • specify your diet
    • how often you exercise
    • whether or not you smoke
  • Make a list of previous surgical procedures
  • Make a list of the medication you are currently taking
  • Mention other diseases you suffer from