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The surgeon cuts or splits the plaque to ease tension and may remove some of it. The remaining space is then filled with a graft. Your surgeon will help you decide which type of graft should be used.

Autologous tissue grafts

Grafts can be made of tissue taken from another part of your body during surgery. Because they are living tissue, they usually grow into the surgical site well. A drawback is that the surgeon must make a second cut to harvest the graft.

Nonautologous allografts

Sheets of tissue made commercially from human or animal sources are well tolerated as graft material by most patients. Before use, the tissue is sterilised and treated to prevent infection. These grafts allow the body to grow healthy tissue and are slowly absorbed by the body.

Placement of a penile prosthesis

If medical treatment does not resolve erectile dysfunction, your doctor may recommend a penile prosthesis.

For men with Peyronie’s disease and moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, an inflatable pump or mouldable silicone rods placed inside the penis will usually straighten the penis and allow it to get stiff enough for sex.