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On this page, you can find links to other reliable websites and general information about the Coronavirus COVID-19. Please take into account that local rules and measures may vary per country and per hospital.

What is COVID-19, and what happens when you get sick? How can you protect yourself? What are the phases of drug research, and how to develop a vaccine against the Coronavirus?

Below you will find animated videos about COVID-19 in multiple languages. These videos were made with the help of Informed and the Corona team of the Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland Hospital (the Netherlands), Erasmus Medical Centre (the Netherlands), Voicebooking.com, and the EAU Patient Information Working Group.

Click on the image to watch the video.

English (Situations can vary in different countries.)

Deutsch (Die Situation kann in verschiedenen Ländern unterschiedlich sein.)

Español (Las situaciones pueden variar según el país.)

Français (Les situations peuvent varier selon les pays.)

العربية هذه الصفحه تقدم معلومات عامه و لكن الموقف قد يختلف من دوله لاخري

Italiano (Situazioni che possono variare in diverse nazioni.)

Nederlands (Situaties kunnen per land verschillen.)

Polski (Sytuacje mogą się różnić w zależności od kraju.)

Português (As situações podem variar de acordo com o país.)

Русский (Ситуация может варьироваться в зависимости от страны.)

Türkçe (Bu sayfa değişik ülkelerde farklı olabilecek genel bilgi ve durumları önermektedir.)

Vlaams (Situaties kunnen per land verschillen.)