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Our multidisclipinary team of experts is in place to find the best answers to your COVID-19 urology-related questions. We want to express our gratitude to them for donating their time and making this important project possible.

We will share the Q&As on our FAQs page that will be continually updated as our medical experts find answers to all your questions and when more is known about COVID-19 and how it is affecting people with cancer worldwide.

Dr. Roderick van den Bergh
St. Antonius Hospital
Nieuwegein, NL

Prof. Axel Bex
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Specialist Centre for Kidney Cancer
London, UK

Mr. Ernst-Günther Carl
Vice-Chairman Europa Uomo (Euomo), UK

Prof. Phil Cornford
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dept. of Urology
Liverpool, UK

Ms. Melanie Costin
BCa patient and Support Services Manager Fight Bladder Cancer, UK

Mr. John Dowling
Vice-Chairman Europa Uomo (Euomo), BE

Dr. Óscar Rodríguez Faba
Fundació Puigvert
Dept. of Urology
Barcelona, ES

Mrs. Louisa Fleure
Lead Uro-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Guy’s Hospital
London, UK

Dr. Rachel Giles
Chair International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), NL

Dr. Lydia Makaroff
CEO Fight Bladder Cancer, UK

Prof. Axel Merseburger
Universitätsklinikum Lübeck
Dept. of Urology
Lübeck, DE

Dr. Joan Palou
Fundació Puigvert
Dept. of Urology
Barcelona, ES

Mrs. Corinne Tillier
Urology Nurse Practitioner
Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek Hospital
Amsterdam, NL

Dr. Fred Witjes
Radboud University Medical Centre
Dept. of Urology
Nijmegen, NL