Surgical Treatment of LUTS in men with BPE

New Procedures

New Procedures

Today, ethanol and botulinum toxin injections are explored as possible treatment options for BPE. They may become accepted in the future, but today they are still experimental and are usually used in clinical trials.

Intra-prostatic ethanol injections

Ethanol, which is pure alcohol, is injected through the urethra or the rectum into the prostate tissue. The aim is to reduce the size of the prostate and improve the flow of urine.

Intra-prostatic botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin is widely known by one of its trade names Botox. It is a strong toxic substance which is used in cosmetic surgery. In BPE treatment it blocks nerve endings and relaxes the smooth muscle in the prostate. Botulinum toxin reduces the size of the prostate and improves the flow of urine. It can be injected through the urethra, the rectum, or the perineum. Recent studies do not support the use of botulinum toxin for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms in men with BPE.